TK-Tiimi – an expert in the plastic industry and injection-mold production

Through our technical know-how, strong expertise in materials, and innovative thinking, we have helped our customers succeed since 1983. Our customers include operators in various industrial sectors and sports equipment manufacturers.Our production facilities are located in Hollola, within excellent transport connections.

Environmentally friendly, high-quality services and products

The goal of our operations is to take our customers into account in all our operations and to supply flawless products and services that meet the requirements set by customers, laws and agreements. This is based on our personnel’s awareness of quality and the quality requirements set for our work.We develop our production and extend our range of materials by keeping abreast of the latest advances and innovations in our field. For example, our customers have the opportunity to select new, sustainable materials that promote the recycling and reuse of the product as a raw material. Sulapac is produced from environmentally friendly compounds that are safe for the environment and humans.

Our story

Starting in 1983 by manufacturing molds and other tools, TK-Työkalutiimi Oy is a Finnish family-run business with long traditions. The company’s roots are in the family garage for which Mauno Mäntylä bought his first four-axle CNC machine, which represented the latest technology at the time.The company has grown and been renewed throughout its history. In the mid-1990s, the company’s service selection expanded to encompass the assembly and quality assurance of plastic products.The next generation took over at the helm of the company in a predictive manner in 2004 when the company’s ownership was transferred to Mauno Mäntylä’s children Aki Mäntylä and Marianne Nurminen. Responsible and predictive operations are a strong feature of the company’s culture and create continuity for new generations.

What we do

Our mold factory offers all technologies required in mold manufacturing.Test runs for molds can be performed quickly and easily by our own plastic production. After the test run,the mold may be transferred either to TK-Tiimi’s or its customer’s plastic production use.In addition, TK-tiimi has extensive experience in mold production projects in China,supplying molds from its regular suppliers on a turnkey basis.

One-stop supplier

TK-Tiimi’s service package makes it easy for the customer to transform its ideainto a product ready for launching. There is no need to order services from other suppliers because our service range covers the entire process from design to a finished product. Thanks to our own mold maintenance operations, molds in production are maintained regularly and our customers receive their products without production disruptions.We operate as a network and use services produced by several specialiststo ensure the efficient use of resources in line with the principles of sustainable development.

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