Our close collaboration with industrial designers helps speed up the journey of a product from the drawing board to production.

Matters to be taken into account as early as the design stage include functional mold solutions, disruption-free production, and cost-efficiency, covering the process in its entirety.The design stage encompasses

  • 3D modeling
  • industrial design
  • 3D-printed models
  • material selection
  • product reviews.

Sulapac - a bio-based, compostable material

The bio-based Sulapac, which can be composted industrially, can be used to produce a variety of products, including cosmetics packagings and disposable cutlery. Its main components are plant-based binders and wood from industrial side streams. Sulapac makes an ideal material for single-use products and products with short service lives because it degrades into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass – without generating permanent microplastics. Sulapac is a beautiful, practical, and environmentally friendly material.

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Product conceptualization, manufacturability analysis, and product design

Aimed at identifying the best feasible solution, conceptualization is the most important step in product development. Correct choices at the conceptualization stage play a huge role in the cost and success of the product development process. Product development is a process that begins from customer needs and it is always carried out as part of a customer project. Product development kicks off with requirements determination, which entails defining the product’s appearance, use, and properties. At this stage, functionalities that the product must offer are listed.After the requirements determination, technical realization possibilities are defined and a product development plan is prepared to serve as the basis for the actual design work.

3D-modeling and mechanical design

Our designers are top experts in their field with years of experience under their belts. The 3D modeling is realized on the basis of the customer’s idea and drawings. 3D modeling forms the basis for 3D printing.

3D-printed models

We can supply you with 3D-printed products generated by our collaboration partners. 3D-printing is compatible with a wide range of materials. The method can be used to produce models needed for design work, for example.

Material selection and sustainable development

The choice of material is one of the cornerstones of product design.Material affects the product’s life span, recyclability, and reuse.Correctly selected materials also play a major role in the quality and cost of the mold. With plastic, the only limit is your imagination.Plastic is a versatile and cost-efficient, material because an injection-molded piece is often ready for use as soon as it comes out of the mold, which keeps per unit production costs low. It also enables the production of complex structures as one solid piece.Decisions made at the design stage can reduce the environmental burden through the choice of environmentally friendly materials. Today, material options include polymers that are fully or partly made of renewable natural raw materials. One of the newest alternatives is a material called Sulapac.

Product review and mold solutions

We analyze your idea and the manufacturability and functionality of the product and the mold. With this analysis, we can ensure that the structure of the final product is sensible and cost-efficient and that the most suitable raw material is selected. An optimal mold option is identified on the basis of production volumes.

A plastics expert as part of your product development team

TK-Tiimi’s experts can also be hired as onsite experts for product development projects when you want to identify new solutions and benefit from extensive know-how. We can help with material selection, mold design, and challenges related to injection molding as early as the beginning of the project, which helps save valuable design time.

From an idea to a product.

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