Injection molding can be used to produce complex products that may not require any further processing. We can carry out any further processing and finishing stages quickly and easily. We offer the following further processing services:

Quality assurance

A quality supervisor monitors the quality of the products during the production process in collaboration with the production team.

Painting and printing

The products can be painted or a pattern can be printed on them in connection with production.

Ultrasonic welding of plastics

Plastic products can be joined together with ultrasonic welding, in which the plastic surfaces melt to form a durable seam. This method can be used to replace gluing, for example.


Products can be assembled on our premises in connection with production and delivered to the customer as complete assemblies.

Packaging services

We pack our customers’ products, from semi-finished products to finished sales articles.

Logistics services

We store products for our customers and deliver the right quantities at the right time to them.

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