Comprehensive plastic product services from design to further processing

TK-Tiimi offers expert services for individual stages or the entire process, from product development to production and further processing. A plastic product’s journey from an idea to a finished product involves numerous steps. TK-Tiimi can act as your partner throughout the entire journey or for selected stages.

We have designed our service range to cover the production process from design to a finished product so that our customers can get everything they need from us in a one-stop service.

Product development and design

The decisions during the design stage influence the entire production process. The choice of material is one of these important decisions.

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Mold design and manufacturing

A functional, well-designed and meticulously manufactured mold offers numerous benefits.

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Production of injection-molded products

Our excellent production capacity allows us to produce both large and small batches.

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Further processing of plastic products

A wide range of further processing services under the same roof.

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Maintenance, repair and modification of molds

The regular maintenance and modernization of molds extends their service lives.

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Machining services

Our workshop serves also as a subcontractor to companies.

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Traditional plastic materials, new alternatives, and expertise.

Our customers can benefit from our comprehensive expertise in traditional plastic materials, new alternatives to them, and the production of plastic products through close collaboration with their product development team and designers, or we can help out with the design and production of injection molds, production and further processing (e.g., painting and assembly) of challenging plastic products or the maintenance and repair of molds.

In our operations, we utilize several specialists to allow us to allocate resources efficiently in line with the principles of sustainable development.

“Today, you have to be versatile to succeed. TK-Tiimi continuously develops its expertise to remain at the forefront of the Finnish plastic industry.”