Mold design

Our mold production can offer flexible services because everything takes place on our own premises.In the mold design, the number of products to be produced and monthly production volumes should be taken into account. Series produced with the injection molding method can range from a few items to millions of pieces, thus the mold cost should be considered in relation to the target price of the final product.

Mold filling simulation

As part of the mold design process, a filling simulation or analysis can be performed. A visual inspection can help in the design of a plastic product.

Mold options

We design and produce a wide range of molds, including:

Molds for prototypes

We produce injection mold inserts for a mold frame for prototypes and small series. With a prototype mold, the shape, dimensional accuracy and functionality of a piece can be tested during product development before the actual production is commenced.Aluminum moldsAluminum molds can be used for small series.An aluminum mold has a shorter service life than a steel mold because it wears more rapidly and the tolerances increase.An aluminum mold can be machined slightly faster than a steel mold.

Production molds

Production molds are tools intended for the mass production of products.

Single-cavity molds

Multi-cavity molds

Hardened molds

Optical molds

Wax tools

2- and 3-component injection molds

Matters to be considered in the design of an injection mold

In the design of a mold, several matters related to the finished product and the mold itself must be taken into account, including the mold material, the material and properties of the product, the mold’s suitability for the production process, production volumes, and energy consumption.For small series, the cost of the mold per piece is higher than in larger batches. To speed up the production of small items, several products are typically produced simultaneously in a multi cavity mold, while for more complex products, the mold consists of several parts of varying shapes and orientations.Decisions related to raw materials and energy use also influence the overall cost of the mold. The cost of an individual item made of hardened steel is of course high. Alternative materials include, for example, aluminum.Important factors in the design of the mold include the full filling of the mold, the shrinkage of the product, the release of the piece from the mold, and the prevention of casting defects.

Manufacturing of injection molds

Our mold factory offers all technologies required in mold manufacturing. Known for its high quality standards and know-how, TK-Tiimi is a versatile mold and plastics expert.An injection mold is a product-specific tool that gives the product its physical shape. As a production method, injection molding is ideal for large production quantities and products with strict dimensional and surface quality requirements. Thanks to our experience in mold manufacturing and in-house injection molding operations, we have hands-on expertise in injection molding as well as theoretical knowledge.molding as well as theoretical knowledge. The mold is a deciding factor in many critical stages of a plastic product’s production process. Therefore, molds must be tested meticulously. The appropriate functioning of a mold is verified via test runs and videos, before the mold is delivered to the customer or transferred to production use at our plant.

“A mold made with expertise lasts in production use for a long time, generating added value for the company.”

Trading of molds

Through our well-established, long-standing networks in China, we can also offer cost-efficient mold options on a turnkey basis. We use regular suppliers known to meet our quality standards.

From an idea to a product.

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